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Welcome to our online casino. Play our game and win the biggest prize!!!



  • A single deck of card used and no joker card for this game
  • The dealer must shuffle the card thoroughly
  • The game starts with dealing one initial card called the “Joker Card”. This will determine the outcome of the game
  • Players can place their bets on either ANDAR or BAHAR side
  • After the beting timer is over, the dealer will deal the card face-up on each side. Cards are alternately dealt for Andar and Bahar.
  • First Card must be on Andar's side.A22
  • Which side a card having the same value with the “Joker Card” will be the winner.

Pay Table:

  • Bet Type Payout
    ANDAR 0.9 to 1
    BAHAR 1 to 1